EMPIRE SIGNATURE: The Elite is a lifestyle and events management group. Within months, Empire Signature has managed to pride itself as the pioneer of exclusive events management; defining creativity in elite. Our target market mainly falls in the Asian region as we manage clients within Asia. However our services rendered has been extended worldwide as well.

Services provided are Events Management, managing events entirely from planning to execution to satisfaction of clients and attendees. Empire Signature: Talent Management boasts an array of talents signed directly under our management. Talents include singers, DJ, Emcees, TV Hosts and even creative performances never quite seen in the market. Under the roof of Empire Signature comes Film and Music Video Production, Photography, Sound Mastering, Creative Design and VIP management for celebrities and high profile clients.

Being the leading lifestyle and events management company, Empire Signature has developed long term client base of high net worth clients from all sorts who have now long trusted our standards of service. We have been making waves in the market and have now developed a solid fan base as well. To cater to the demands, we have a sector called EMPIRE TV which is being hosted by our very home grown talent host, Rubyn and Rubes. Empire TV market events that are happening within Malaysia and Singapore based on the request of our clients. With a solid fan base, an almost guaranteed return will be there for your event!

Standards are naturally laid high by our international and local clients, and therefore we believe events and any services rendered by Empire Signature are made successful by turning magical moments into reality.